Men, the Strange Beings


Since the monopoly of the church for the definition of the origin of men was running out at the end of the Middle Ages, philosophers, poets, and scientists of the christian world are trying to define the being of men. The always for that requesting reason lies in the evident imbalance of human nature and many contradictions which are influencing his thinking and doing. He wishes to have peace and war, the good and the bad, fidelity and infidelity, love and hate, freedom and bond and many other contradictions and is often undecided between two opportunities that are possible for him.

Darwin has tried to explain the origin of men from the evolution of all live on earth. To confirm his theory generations of searchers and scientists are searching in all countries of earth since more than hundred years after tracks, bones, tools and other proving material. They have found many things, showing the evolution of human being on earth. But only 10 000 years ago , following the valid knowledge, this being has reached in millions of years hardly the point of evolution to make fire, tools of stone ond bones and eke out his existence by fishing and hunting.

His mental abilities are however considerable and in the area of artistic depiction he is producing astonishing things. But than begins suddenly a fast development. Men are possessing at once domestic animals and are knowing a number of until now used kinds of cereals. That enables them to settle down. For these astonishing fast sudden progresses there is until now no scientifically accepted explanation but at least a term. It is that of "The Neolithical Revolution".

But there is much more astonishing. For only 3000 years later we find urban high cultures in the valley of the Indus and a little bit later in that of the Nile, the Euphrat and the Tigris with nearly all features of states of today. Typical for these states is a ruler of nearly unlimited power, that he practises about a tight organized system of priests, officials and warriors. Also the rest of the state is well structured. There are sharp limited classes of tradesmen, dealers, farmers and slaves. There are charges and taxes and artificial buildings like canals, dams, roads. Palaces and pyramids are planed and worked out with a precision which is hardly available today.
A miracle ! Or not?

The historigraphy of today tries partly, however often with no big conviction, to explain this astonishing change and progress with a climatic alteration, that has forced men, to withdraw into the valleys of rivers and organize there a state. This is not very convincing. After the theory of Darwin it is much more probable, that in the battle for the living space, becoming smaller and smaller, the more powerful groups would have had killed the weaker ones. They were finally completely uneducated savages, who had not the lowest idea of the organization of a state.
But what happened than ? A very legitimate question !