The Actual Tasks of Mankind

by Karl Juergen Hepke

With the turn of the millenium and the entrance into the third millenium of the valid calendar begins a new age. It is the age of Aquarius, which is promising mankind progress in knowledge and planing of life and over that new insights in sense and aims of human existence. For the preparation of this progress many men are induced by different sources and reasons to search after old and new truth to find new milestones on that mental evolution can support to ascend to new areas of conscience.

This began at the end of the 19 th. century with the until now disputed founder of the Theosophical Movement H. P. Blavatsky, who grasped for many years in Tibet and India old knowledge and passed it in extensive publications, continued in the from that diverted ideas of Rudolf Steiner and in the still existing Anthroposophic Movement and branched out in the 20 th. century in which the old wisdoms of the Far and the Near East found its way into western thinking and acting.

The increasing translated hieroglyph texts of Egypt and cuneiform texts of Mesopotamia added always new components to the knowledge about Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, Akkad, Mitanni and Urartu. Additionally came results of research and translations of old languages of the Near East. The kingdom of the Mysterious Hithits was researched, for Crete and the achaic Grece the language "Linear B" was translated, in Mykene was every interesting stone examined and in the bordering plain of the Argolis archaeological drillings were made to find the tracks of a town, spilled by a natural catastrophe.

So one insight followed to the other but all moved still in the tracks of historical thinking , established in the century. This said, that all wisdom and all thinking had come from the East. That big parts of the european knowledge came from the West from by druids in the celtic countries France, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland conserved old knowledge of the High Culture of Atlantis and a further big part came from Spain, which was settled for a long time by the Arabs, who reimported old atlantic knowledge from Babylon and India, was not seen for a long time.

By the Christian Church, which had determined, that all knowledge had come from the East, from which came also its religion, the western knowledge was for many centuries "heathen" and "superstition" and its practising was punished by death.

Obviously the law of reincarnation was not known by the initiators of these killings. But the knowledge of the killed ones was, hidden in the relativ quick reincarnated, conserved and pushed again and again to the surface of conscience. It is probable, that the quantity of killed "heretic" and "witches" and their reincarnated souls have at least overthrown in a irresistible wave of reformation and enlightenment the system of mental repression of the Christian Church of the Middle Ages.

Also not known and until now often denied is the return of the "Extraterrestrials" or "Aliens". They were in the past in many religions often called "gods" because their knowledge and their technical power was so high above all conceivable by men.

Their repeated exertion of influence came from a topical reason. At the end of the century mankind was involved in an extremely dangerous competition of nuclear armament. Obviously it was not able to finish it by own virtue. Earlier or later it would have ended in the complete destruction of earth and its nuclear contamination for thousands of years.

This retiral of earth from the universal process of creation, caused by men, who were caught up in political obsession and not able to discern the consequences of their way of acting, could not be accepted by the universal power of creation. So the "divine legions" , which are at last mentioned in the bible and of which christianity had nothing heard since nearly 2000 years, became again mobilized as by men called UFOs to stop this danger. And at least they were successful luckily for mankind and the universe.

Besides their massif intervention in the politics of earthly states the Extraterrestrials brought a message to earth, which points out tasks for mankind and sets aims for future development.

In this context it is interesting, that the ETīs , who were before thousands of years called "gods" contacted again with a mighty empire, that has many features of the old Atlantian Empire, which was their last effective western station of contact in the past.

For the USA are, as the Atlantian Empire in its blossoming time before 3500 years, a not aggressive power of free trade which takes care for peace on earth to enable blooming of trade and commerce for a positive development of earth. With that, they have took in course of the 20th century the roll of the power of order for the whole earth, similar as once the Atlantian Empire had taken it for the ancient world of the Mediterranean Sea and the Near East. This roll was not always easy for the USA, because there was always opposition in its own country and in the world. But the American government has taken this task, supported by the majority of American people again and again and mostly finished it with success.

It is interesting to see that, if there was no success , like in Vietnam, the USA were acting in areas, which not belonged to the traditional western zone. This could point out to the fact, that the division of earth into a western and eastern area of interest with one dominating but peaceful power for each area, which was the situation already once before 3500 years, is the best and for earth most effective principle.

There is no question, that the power of order of the western part will be the USA in cooperation with Europe. To the western part belongs in historical sight also the area of the former Sowjet- Union as far as the Ural and also the Near East as far as the borders of India

To the power of order of the eastern part of the world will grow China in cooperation with Japan and the States of Indochina. Beside these two there will be for a time the states of the "Third World", which are living on a lower level of comfort and technical progress and sometimes perhaps more lucky in their situation than the technically high developed states of the West and the East. The most mighty state of these can be for a time India, until it joins perhaps one day the West, and for a longer time there will be the most of the black-african states and some states of middle and south America.

The part of the technological leadership of earth will probably go again to the new "Atlantian Empire" of the West. Its task will be to exploit outer space and that in harmony with the ETīs, who are not at home in our solar system and have, as it seems, only some basis of action at the Moon, perhaps the Mars or an other planet. The Mars could be developed for human life and is able to form a second earth following in the USA carried out extensive investigations.

Considering the in history of earth not rare incidences of collisions with meteorites or planetoids and the probability that this will sometime happen again such a second earth or a artificial basis at the moon or a gigantic space station is desirable. From it can be resettled earth after a devastating cosmic event, which destroyed all human life on earth or only some knowledge or technical know how. The example of the destruction of Atlantis II has shown, that even a limited cosmic event can throw back development of mankind for thousands of years.

The possibility to avoid such a collision by distraction are today checked by American space research , but it is nearly sure, that for a big planetoid approaching earth all these methods will be not sufficient.

Beside this evident grown problem and its demanding for a solution several other items are contents of the message of the ETīs but their moral meaning matches far-reaching with ideas already existing on earth.

Nevertheless it is remarkable that from "higher place" is pointed out, that these ideas and thoughts should be realized by mankind. An intervention as in the case of the contest of nuclear armament is beside the available and exploited possibilities of incarnation and mental manipulation of certain messengers not planned.

These messages will be here shortly repeated: They are saying:

A.The nuclear technology is very dangerous because it can make the whole earth or parts of it uninhabitable in the case of accidents or warring quarrels.
This would also damage the universe and its development.
That is not acceptable for extraterrestrial power and leads in the case of non-observance to consequences even of violent kind.

B. Earth is entrusted to men for positive development. This does not give permission to destroy big parts of flora and fauna for profit-seeking or bring animal species or plants to extinction and let go them irretrievable lost.
The word of the bible "Dominate the earth", does not mean that earth is given to men for any disposition, to which would belong extermination of unwelcome living things, but that man in function of a good ruler has to support life and welfare of its subjects.

C. Men have also a task in the universe. After they have looked after their own development for nearly 40 000 years they are ready to take tasks in the solar system and later in other planet systems and bring their fee to development of cosmos.

D. To do this in cooperation with subjects of other civilizations of outer space it is necessary to open conscience of men to this cooperation and leave thinking in earth-bounded categories like "this belongs to me, that belongs to you", but develop a consciousness for idealistic way of thinking and collective responsibility with corresponding distribution of tasks.

F. To improve the preconditions for a better cooperation with the extraterrestrials and also understanding and mental development of men, intellectual and natural sciences should be more developed and supported. So for example:

Systematic research of fundamental not sufficient answered questions as the nature of gravitation , electromagnetic, magnetic and electric fields, composition and utilization of cosmic radiation. All this for development of a progressive method of space travel and generation of energy, which can not in future be based on the earth bounded principle of chemical reaction or burning of fuel.

The research for old and today not utilized knowledge.

Research for understanding of laws, which are effective in historical developments, to avoid to make always the same mistakes.

Research for the laws of incarnation, of karma and the point of birth for character and ability of man. All this to put in future the right man at the right place for effectiveness of politics and progress. This is possible with the knowledge already known , but it is not respected because democracy of today depends on superficial qualities and on the power of elbow and often money.

Research for the knowledge of telepathy and communication without words to gain the possibility for communication with other beings like animals, plants and outer beings.

A big part of these only as example and not completely reported sciences was already available in the old knowledge but is not respected for serious and therefore despised by our material fixated science of today. This is a position which puts material above mental and is explicable from the earth-bounded, physical origin of men. The far bigger possibilities of mind and soul are disregarded with it.

But time has come, that men remove from their material origin to arrive to a widened understanding of cosmic systems. The narrow borders, which puts the officially valid christian conception of man to intellectual and psychological development have to be abolished or put aside.

This tasks are alone that of mankind. Direct help is not available, for all necessary knowledge was already given to earth or is to work out by advanced human mind. In case the need arises, it is supported, as mentioned above, by incarnation or telepathic support of mind.