The Evolution of Men on Earth (3,5,18)

by Karl Juergen Hepke

At first we will have a look at the actual theories of evolution of modern anthropology. With that occurred nearly six million years ago the first preliminary stages of man, the so-called "hominids", which in branching out lines of evolution developed to the different prehistoric forms of man and finally to the man of today. The early steps will here not be further considered, interesting are only the two last steps of this development, the Neanderthal man and the following man of type Cro Magnon. The Neanderthal man, who differ from the man of today in his shape of the skull with strong pronounced bulges of the eye brows, a flattened nose, fleeing forehead and bended thigh bones and upper arm bones, appears in his early forms before 150 000 years and reaches his classical phase before 70 000 years.

From this time there are places of discoveries in the european area and some discoveries in Africa and Asia, but it is assumed, that he was spread over the whole earth.

Nearly 40 000 B.C. appears in Europe a complete new kind of man. In science he is called "homo sapiens sapiens" or unambiguously after his first place of discovery "Cro Magnon man". This Cro Magnon man drives out the Neanderthal man, who disappears from earth completely at 10 000 B.C. . This new type of man differs in no considerable feature from the man of today. In his early time he is only more powerful built. Forms of transition to the new type are not found in Europe but possibly in the near East (Israel). It seems, that he is immigrated to Europe from somewhere. But the origin was not yet found by the anthropologists. It is supposed in Africa. From the area of the Baikalsea in Asia are discoveries from the time before 23 000 years, from Australia out of the time of 32 000 until 25 000 years.

At 15 000 B.C. the new man is spread over the whole earth, the world population at that time is guessed as 10 millions of man.

At 10 000 - 9 000 B.C. there was a warm time in central Europe in which the middle temperature of July was 4 degrees higher than today. With that a quick melting of the ice of the last glacial time was given.

9000-8000 B.C. occurs a new drastic cooling, the so called time of Dryas or Tundras.

7500 B.C. the ice situation in Scandinavia is nearly the same as today. The sea-level, which has fallen in the glacial time about 120 m rises quickly and reaches the level of today about 6000 B.C.

5000-3000 B.C. There is a post-glacial warming-time, the so called "Atlantikum", in which the temperature in Europe is 2-3 degrees higher than today. The tree-line is some hundred meters higher and in northern Eurasia the treeless tundra disappears nearly completely. The sea-level rises above the level of today. After that time the temperature sinks slowly until the time of today. The post glacial optimum of climate is less distinctive in Northern America.

When you look at the cultural leftovers of men in the european-african settling room at 10 000 B.C. you can say:
The spanish and west-french elements of culture called Azilien are nearly related to the Tardenosien of Belgium, England, Denmark, North-Germany and the baltic area. Parts of this culture reached in the
East Poland and Russia, in the South Italy and Asia-minor, especially Syria. Over the Sahara, which was a fertile savanne with many animals this culture spreads to South-Africa. The spanish, north african and south african pictures at the rocks are most similar.

All men of the post glacial time represent an uniform kind, within that several big races like Europids, Negreds, Australids and Mongolids differ. Three different theories try to explain this phenomenon:

a.)Polycentric theory: Men have developed out of early and old men in their areas of settlement. This theory is primary advocated by an US-American group of anthropologists.

b.) Monocentric theory: Man have developed in a center area of West-Asia, Central- and South-Asia and North-Africa. By mixing of early men living in this area the genotype got more rich. With this the homo sapiens has developed in a relative short time. He was a neutral type in respect of his race. His development began in this area already before 50 until 45 thousands of years. After emigration and settling of different groups in different geographic areas the separat races developed. This theory is today advocated by the majority of anthropologists. For this theory speaks a considerable fact:(5)

At his first appearance the modern man differs from all Palaeanthropids, included the Neanderthal man , with his suddenly considerable higher level of culture. That indicates qualitative modifications in thinking of this new man.

In connection with progressing social order the communication and with that the modern linguistic notification must have developed. Comparing studies of fragments of the skull of different Palaeanthropids and homo sapiens show, that only at the last the parts of brain, which are connected with purpose orientated physical action and regulation of social behaviour have had considerable reshuffle.

Such a development requires considerable genetic change and it is improbable, that these processes have happened at numerous places in exactly the same manner.

Parallel to this mental reshuffle happened signifying physical changes, which also lead to a new type of man, whom you can see in all modern races. The product of this event, the homo sapiens sapiens is unique on earth, because first in whole history of evolution social tendencies dominate kind forming mechanism of selection.

1.) The homo sapiens sapiens does not fit in evolutionary way with environmental conditions.
2.) Instead of that, he tries to change his environment to fulfil his demands.

This task he solves in collective cooperation.
That means. The theory of evolution of Darwin does not fit for men at this step of development. That means further: Either Darwins theory of evolution is wrong, or men of this step are the product of other laws.
For reason of this the homo sapiens has not changed in his physical construction for several ten thousands of years. Although the secondary changes, which lead to the different races, partly depend on adaptation at certain environmental conditions, by this adaptation no one of the specific traits of modern men is modified.

Also an other mechanism, not fitting at the history of evolution, is effective in modern men. Besides the genetic passing of kind specific features and qualities the homo sapiens with his ability to linguistic communication has begun a second not genetic process of transmission of information over generations. the process of historical tradition which enables the progress from one generation to the other. Also this ability is similar in all races.(5)

Recently there is a replenishing third theory of Russian anthropologists: With that the origin of homo sapiens and his races lies in two central regions: North-East-Africa and South- West-Asia.

The scientists are founding their arguments on differences in the dental structures of early men and men of today. Both regions are although lying in the central region of homo sapiens development supposed by the monocentrists.

As you can see in the upper mentioned, anthropological science is seeking in the darkness at the attempt to explain the relative sudden appearance of modern men, whose enormous genetic progresses to the types of men known until than, are clearly discerned.

The attempt, to explain the considerable progress with mixing of the in different regions growing special forms of men, can only be understood as a grasp to a darwinistic sheet-anchor, of that everybody knows, that it is not able to take hold. For what of genetic material is not available in no group, cannot be created by mixing.

You can therefore say without any doubt: The established anthropologie, which is based primary on results of digging ups and archaeological finds and its scientific evaluation with most modern methods, cannot give until now a sufficient answer ,how men of today have come into being.

To go further in insight it is necessary to fall back to material, which is not recognized by historical science of today. This material has different sources, which are explained at their utilization , so that the reader can decide, if he will trust them or not.

Because we are living in the christian area of world, at first the bible, which is one of the oldest books of history will be regarded. There is written in 1. Mose 6.: When men began to multiply and became daughters, the "children of God" saw the daughters of men, how they were lovely, and they took as wife whom they liked.

Than God said: "Men do not further want to be punished by my spirit, because they are flesh. I will give them a time limit of 120 years."
There were also tyrants on earth, for when the "children of God" were coupled with the daughters of men and these gave birth to their children, there came powerful and famous men into the world.

The bible tells here, what as we will see, in other religions is far clearer said: That the "children of God" , how they are called, are coupled with the daughters of men and that this contact produced " powerful and famous men".

This is a clear statement, that genetic material, which improved the quality of men, was transferred from outer space to men. There is also named a point of time, for, because the effect has to grow to the offence of God, and he granted than again 120 years of time (this time limit is probably manipulated for menīs understanding in the bible) this time limit was certainly before the Flood, by which this for God unpleasant development was finally finished.

That for the whole earth devastating event of the Flood, which destroyed a big part of living at earth, can be dated with big probability for 8500 B.C. . The transfer of genetic material has happened a lot of time before that and certainly not only at one time. A coincidence with the appearance of the Cro Magnon man on earth seems therefore to be possible.

But now to the second source. It was opened to the western culture by Helena Petrowna Blawatsky , who studied in the second half of the nineteenth century the secrets of Tibet and India and opened it to the world in a couple of books. Under others in the so called "Secret Doctrine". In it she tells: (3)(Translation from German ATLIS)


The terrible and bad water-men (Neanderthal man), who were only the creation of physical nature , an outcome of the evolutionary impulse, are standing for a vain attempt. It was shown, that physical nature, left at its own, has failed at creation of men. It is able to produce the first two realms and the low realm of animals, but when it comes to men, there are mental, independent and intelligent energies necessary to their creation.

Those, who create the physical men in the new ages, are descending from material worlds. They are subordinated spirits in possession of a double orientated body.

The seven swarms, the gents born by the will, drove by the spirit of creation, produce men out of themselves, everybody in his own area. After they have projected their shades and have created men of an element, the ancestors ascend again to their realm (Maha-loka), from which they descend periodically, when world is renewed, to create new men.
Esoterical philosophy teaches, that a third of Dhyanis, gifted with intelligence, was forced by the law of karma and evolution to be born again and again on earth.

Not all men are incarnations of these "divine rebels", but only some of them. The others were animated in their fifth principle by the into them send spark, what explains the big difference in intellectual ability of men and races.

The intellectual development at physical level was reached in the fourth root race. Therefore these, who were half prepared, who gained only a spark, the average kind of men, have to obtain their intellect within the current evolution. With that they are prepared to the full reception of the "sons of wisdom". But these, who were not ready at all, the latest monads, who have not developed from the last, the transmission forming animal types at the end of the third period are staying the "fools".

This explains the in the other case inexplicable grading in intellect between different man, which are remaining until now. These swarms of "uneducated" whose faculties of mind are not very much above the level of animals are not the unfair disinherited or less favored, as some will think. They are only the last descendant under human monads, who were not ready. Who have to develop in the today period to gain the level of the average class, when they reach the fifth period.

One remark can be useful, as food for thinking in this connection. The monads of the lowest kind of man have to fulfil no karma as their brothers, more favored with intelligence. They are producing their karma still now. Their "favored" brothers however are burdened with past, present and future karma. In this aspect is the "uneducated" more favored by luck than the greatest genius of civilized countries.

Only a handful of original men, in whom the spark of divine wisdom burned clearly and grew in its force, stayed the selected guardians of the secrets, revealed by the divine teachers. Under them were these, who stayed from the beginning in their kumaric state and tradition says, what also the secret doctrines confirm, that these elected were the shoot of a hierarchy, which since that time never died.

The inner man changes his body from time to time, he is always the same. He does neither know rest nor Nirwana, rejects Dewachan and stays always on earth for redemption of mankind.


Without paying attention to all details of these selected but unchanged sentences, here will be only regarded the considerable history of development of mankind.

There is on one side the statement, that earth itself was unable with its laws of selection to produce men with higher intellectual qualities and that therefore was help from outside necessary. At the other side , that beings descended to pass their genes with help of, from them produced male and female bodies in normal process of begetting.
After that, these beings have left earth, to return from time to time, to continue their work of renovation of mankind.

But by this average mankind has only received a spark of necessary intellectual qualities and has to work for all other. But there were also some, who were not ready and remain preliminary at a very low intellectual level, from which they have to develop themselves by "spinning of their karma".

Beside that there are some "chosen", who always are ready for men, to instruct them and show the right way. They are partly incarnations of higher developed beings of the universe living on earth, at an other part also reincarnations of men, who have reached the highest degree but reject to leave earth, because they see their task here.

For democratic thinking people this sounds very elitist is however very near to reality.

Entirely clear becomes also here, as in the bible, that beings of outside have created the intellectual progress, which has made the product of earth, the Neanderthal man, who was in that aspect nothing other than a special form of an animal, to the man of today, who wishes to get into space.